The Power of Cybernetic Transposition

Success is a state of mind! And that state of mind can be created!

This is the premise of Cybernetic Transposition, the system invented by Stuart Lichtman.

Here’s Stuart Lichtman’s own definition:

“Putting yourself consciously in charge by creating effective communication between your conscious and Unconscious Minds, by consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success, resolving self-defeating Unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you and by creating effective conscious communication with the part of you that knows what’s right for you”

This system was introduced to me on the day I joined SFM by Jay Kubassek in one of the workshops (I upgraded the same day my application was accepted). I knew its value and power as soon as I got hold of the free mini-course, so I bought the full system and began working with it.

After a few weeks, I had used it successfully for some easier goals which involved very few blocks and relatively low-complexity. I knew it worked for real personally – if I had not created those initial meta-stories, I knew for sure I would not have achieved the goals I had set, simple or not.

I decided then I wanted – needed – to use this process to put together a 90-day meta-story to focus on achieving what seemed like a simple objective – implementing the marketing strategy I had settled on. The goal was simply that – getting everything in order, and getting myself ready to market. The first preparatory domino.

I needed to do this, as I was already aware of a number of unconscious blocks that lay waiting ready to sabotage my efforts.

Now for most people, getting that initial traction to overcome inertia – the forces holding you back or stopping you from moving forward – can seem incredibly difficult to obtain. You just can’t seem to make any headway!

I was exactly the same.

I understood what I was being asked to engage in and knew what I had to do. It told me right there in the book!

I also understood that I needed to actually do the exercises to get the best results. So when given an instruction to DO something, I went no further until that exercise was done.

But OMG that Inertia!!!

From Basic Achievement Objective to Story

Guess what? I didn’t move anywhere with my new Meta Story for weeks. I found other things to do. I attended webinars, watched training videos and made notes, read other books, wrote down some ideas for blogs, anything.

Now, I needed to be doing all of that too, but I would simply do extra in order to put off tackling the Meta Story I wanted to write.

The earlier meta-stories had been pretty straightforward, but this felt like wading through treacle – I needed to pull something really deep from within myself and actually write it down. It had been years since I’d had to do any work remotely like that.

I found my head full of vagueness and so many blocks it felt like swatting gnats in the Scottish Highlands! At first, I thought that it would be easier to achieve if I broke it down into 1-month chunks, but I was wrong.

Eventually, after a long period of analysing the basics of all the elements required by my Marketing Blueprint, I got there and got a 90-day metastory together that I actually believed in. And in that process, I also got an incredible, and implementable, task list as a by-product.

I finally completed it the night before attending the SFM Momentum Day event in London in April:

I ‘m now 60 days in on my plan, and I’m still on track, despite some major emotional events in my personal life during this period. And I’m feeling more energised, inspired and determined than ever.

If you would like to know more about Cybernetic Transposition, head over to Cybernetic Mastery where Monique Gallagher will show you how it can transform your life (there’s even an interview with Stuart Lichtman himself!)

Seriously, I hadn’t found any other online marketing training that introduces such concepts and systems to their students and expects them to use them as an integral part of their own first class training process. It really is mindblowing. And if you stumble or fall, the amazing SFM Community is there to catch you and keep you moving forwards.

It’s helping me immensely to focus on my goal’s and move towards achieving them. And more importantly, believe they are achievable.

It’s helped my mentors from SFM – Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross – establish a lifestyle of freedom and purpose for themselves, and for many, many of those they mentor.

Why don’t you check out Stuart’s message by clicking the banner below for some free information on SFM, their training program, and what it could mean for your life?

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